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BitCrafter uses a similar development process to that of most medium and large size agencies. This typically manifests itself in the form of "Discovery, Development & Deployment." The difference is, we don't sell you on the hype, we don't get mired down in the process and we utilize the relationships we have with talent across the country to keep development costs at a minimum.

So what does all that mean? Simple. If you've ever worked in any workflow environment, you'll be familiar with the concept of Pre-production, Production and Post-production. That's as easy as it gets. We emphasize planning your project first to resolve all issues up front, develop your project to a predetermined timetable then launch and execute after-market support to finish up.

We employ our fair share of freelance and corporate talent within this process on an as needed basis. How does this benefit you? Typically, lower overhead results in a 30 percent or greater cost savings. You get agency quality work and don't have to pay for the overhead. How's that for efficiency!
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