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Remember when we said we worked with some of the hottest talent in the industry? Well, we were not just talking about technology alone. One of our hottest clients is also a partner, Slick Design and Manufacturing, providing Architectural Interior Design to the hottest clubs, restaurants, homes and schools in the country.

If you have ever visited Chicago’s trend scene, it’s quite possible you have seen some of their works. From the likes of Nine and Ghost Bar to their latest acclaimed work for Calphalon, The Calphalon Culinary Institute, and Chicago's hottest, and soon to be opened, Euro-Style mega-club Sound-bar, Slick Design and BitCrafter together to provide you a complete solution to design, build, market, promote and support your facility.

Whether you are looking to build new from concept or looking to redesign or remodel, the BitCrafter/Slick Design partnership will work with you to develop and implement a vision that exceeds your planned objectives.
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